The youth in the Kouga region have got economic and social problems. The economic problem is lack of employment opportunities. Even though youth population is dominant in the region, there are no enough jobs to absorb them and there is very high unemployment. As a result the youth get involved in illegal activities such as theft, gangsterism and so on to sustain their lives. Common social problems are lack of recreation or entertainment centers, inadequate social facilities (health, education, and housing), etc. The lack of recreational facilities has led to engagement of youth in bad habits such as drugs and drinking alcohol. A survey indicates that the reason for problems caused by youth is lack of jobs, work skills for them. One of our biggest challenges in South Africa is the high risk of unemployment among young adults and school leavers. After leaving a committed primary school programme, students face the stagnant job market and the challenge of falling short in ‘soft skills’, vocational skills, and experience. There is need for training programs that will empower the youth with the skills to become economically active youth and active members of the job force. The purpose is to provide a sustainable and holistic youth-development programme for school leavers and unemployed youth from challenged backgrounds, where all achieve and succeed in life. Our training program will offer youths an opportunity to better themselves through basic life skills coupled by different training that betters their chances of employability.



Our intervention as an organization is to provide the youths with activities that they can direct their positive energy to. The Jbay Traditional Dancers is one of the projects that the organization has initiated to encourage the youths to come together and through dance they are able to develop talent and keep away from the streets. The dance club offers youths a basic life skills program which aims at empowering the youths with knowledge of becoming better people within their communities.



Tourism For the Youth is also an initiative that is aimed at educating the youths about the benefits of tourism as well as showing them the opportunity that lies within the industry. Youths are educated on the different tourist attractions and also given some basic training on the entry level jobs in this industry. These are both ongoing projects that would benefit more youths given a venue and a proper platform